Restaurant of perch fillets, fish from Lake Geneva and fondue in Haute-Savoie

Traditional cuisine of lake products at the restaurant of the Auberge d'Anthy in Haute-Savoie

Our traditional restaurant specializes in Perch fillets from Lake Geneva and is located in Thonon Agglomeration in the town of Anthy-sur-Léman. Come and taste the authentic cuisine of the Auberge d'Anthy in a calm and warm setting. The plates made up of fresh fish from the lake will make you discover the richness of our region. This is in keeping with the various quality regional grape varieties on the wine list.

The restaurant is ideal for your lunches and dinners with family, friends, colleagues or, also, for your business seminars. Do not hesitate to visit us. You can discover our specialties throughout the year by the fireside or on the terrace with hunting, Beaujolais Nouveau, end-of-year festive meals or spring surprises.

Open Tuesday to Saturday (from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

and Sunday noon (from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.)


Privatization of the restaurant

Our Hotel Restaurant is close to Thonon les Bains, Evian les Bains, Geneva and Lausanne. We are located in Haute-Savoie 400 meters from Lake Geneva with an interior terrace and garden. We welcome you for all your private or professional events.

We can organize the baptism of your youngest, your parents' wedding anniversary or even the most beautiful day of your life...

You will have the opportunity to taste authentic cuisine, highlighting the high quality products offered by Lake Geneva. Our varied menu is born from our traditional cuisine, mainly focused on local and seasonal products.



Would you like to offer a gift voucher for a stay or offer a meal ?

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The restaurant menu

The catch of the Pole is authorized all the year except in May. For Trout, Féra and Char,

fishing is allowed from January to October.

Fillet of Féra a la Meunière or Steamed 22.80€
Fillet of Féra with Cream and Yellow Wine from Jura 27.80€

Slate Suggestions! (Soufflé at Abundance)

current proposals only on site every day
Our perch fillet plate 30.00€
Arctic char served whole 11.00€ for 100gr
depending on the Fishing, you can discover in the menu Crayfish, Trout, Lotes, Pike and Boyas.

Féra in puff pastry crust is on order only
Appetizers and Dishes of the moment

Smoked Ham and Sausage

Fresh Duck Foie Gras terrine



The Round of Vegetables and Vegetable Milk with Curry 15,60€

Seared Beef and Marrow Bone

or Fresh Mushrooms



the “Boujon” ripened cheese platter 8,50€


Served at the Bistro
the Auberge Fondue 17,00€
Menu of the day 21.00€
Freshness of the moment or Charcuterie
the cooked dish of the day or the vegetable tagliatelle
Faisselle and its coulis
Nice menu 14.50€ For our young customers
  The small meli – melo salad or the assorted charcuterie

The plate of fresh fish or the plate of very tender meat

with Potatoes and Vegetables

vanilla or chocolate ice cream or fromage blanc with red fruit coulis
The "vegetarian" 24.50€
Soup of the day or Salad esclun Vinaigrette
Tagliatelle with Vegetables or Round from the Garden
Fresh fruit salad
The unique Sunday lunch €38.00
3 starters and 3 main courses to choose from then dessert buffet